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UPPER CLASH brings founders, ceos and directors of retail and consumer brands together at events.

Our roundtables and talks give leaders an insight into how their peers are building and growing brands.

We create an environment to share growth stories, discuss industry news, hear solutions to challenges and network.

Guests are from brands, retailers, marketplaces, platforms and publishers. See what some of them they say about us here.

We are supported by sponsorship. Sponsors participate in conversations but do not present.

Upper Clash was founded by Leon Bailey-Green who has been running events with leaders involved in retail, e-commerce and marketing for over ten years.

All of our events are invitation only and take place in private spaces at central London locations.

If you lead a team within a retail or consumer brand and would like to attend get in touch.

Gatherings are kept intimate with roundtables welcoming 10-15 guests, and panel talks 18-30.