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UPPER CLASH brings together leaders of premium and luxury brands operating in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories.

Our event formats include roundtables, talks and socials. They are invitation only, taking place in private rooms at central London locations.

Upcoming gatherings will see leaders of high-end brands share experiences on international expansion via e-commerce, maximising profitability, and benefiting from the rise in the direct-to-consumer shift.

Previous events have focused on the Chinese appetite for British fashion brands, sustainability practices in e-commerce, getting a return on influencer marketing and understanding blockchain for the luxury sector.

We are supported by a group of companies providing logistics, internationalisation, e-commerce, marketing and recruitment services to retailers and brands.

UPPER CLASH began in 2016 but our founder, Leon Bailey-Green, has over eight years experience curating intimate networking events for retail industry directors. In 2014 he was named as one of the fashion industry’s 30 Under 30.