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Roundtable: Adapting online growth forecasts after business as unusual

This event has taken place.

How do you forecast and plan for the future after a year and a half of unusual trading online? Are pandemic acquired customers really sticking to their new e-commerce habits? Are trading patterns returning to some sort of normality?

Retail leaders came together to discuss the challenge of forecasting after business as unusual.


Tuesday 21st September 2021
Central London


The headlines suggest the last 18 months has been a boon for e-commerce functions – They’ve experienced sales like never before and shoppers have become accustomed to online buying habits.

It’s a great narrative but the full picture reveals a more complicated story for brands behind-the-scenes.

Whilst the balance of sales did shift towards e-commerce through necessity, many brands that sell online are finding pandemic acquired customers aren’t returning, or spending, as much as their core customer.

Growth ambitions and forecasts are being reviewed, and brand leaders are reconsidering what good looks like when it comes to targets and goals.


Retaining customers acquired during the pandemic.

Are pandemic acquired customers returning and spending as much as core customers?

Forecasting demand after a prolonged unusual trading period.

Is planning for buying and marketing a challenge?

Communicating plans to investors and boards.

Are expectations high after a period of high growth?

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