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Capitalising on content

Following ‘The Content Conundrum‘ breakfast came Capitalising on Content, a roundtable for brands to engage in conversation on content strategy. This is just some of what was shared around the table.

One brand told us they had been inundated with requests to set up a Snapchat profile. However, once the brand began using Instagram Stories, such requests stopped. Customers wanted to content format rather than the platform – a lesson for brands toying with which social networks to invest time in.

“Can you just write about…”, “Can you just link to…”, are familiar words to digital editors, who think online mediums can be seen as ‘dumping grounds’ for content by retail, brand and publishing organisations.

Making content SEO friendly delivers results which then justify increase content spend. However, this needs to be produced in-house, or at least with brand guidelines in check. Many brands are still using SEO agencies which produce poor quality content.

How content is going to be useful to the customer is always top of mind for one retailer. They would rather produce two pieces of content a week, then aim to publish daily for the sake of publishing every day. Everything published should have an intention to educate the customer.

Multi brand websites are now magazines, giving users on mobile the ability to browse through product with no intention to buy.

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