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The content conundrum

Retailers engaged in a debate and discussion on content production. Some of the views shared around the table:

Retailers produce too much content because they don’t understand their customers. There is pressure from the top to be active on every channel.

Educational content is most useful, i.e how to do achieve a look (fashion), or the necessity of chemicals in a product (cosmetics). Just make sure it isn’t ‘preachy’.

Content will produce customer queries, so be ready to stand by, and prove, the relevancy of whatever is published. As an example, claiming to be a sustainable business will attract questions on ethics.

Customer services teams should be closer integrated with content and social media teams, and published content should reflect typical customer queries.

Regardless of answers to questions being listed on FAQ pages, customers want answers to questions on a one-to-one basis. This is a trend noticed by many retailers.

Customer services departments can be overlooked when it comes to tone-of-voice training. Communication across the brand should be seamless.

Young customers are turned off by glossy content with high production values as it doesn’t reflect the amateur YouTube style video content they have grown up on.

Measuring the usefulness of social media content is the bane of content departments. Despite all the tools available, it is still difficult to properly attribute the impact of content on sales.

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