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The role of an E-Commerce Director in 2022

A discussion on the responsibilities of e-commerce directors. Here are some of the views shared around the table.

E-commerce Directors see themselves as Commerce Directors.

Many multi-channel retailers speak of having an ‘onmi-channel operation’ but it isn’t working in theory. These businesses still have ‘e-commerce’ or ‘dot-com’ departments, whose heads have no control of the running of in-store operations or training of store staff. Until this happens, ‘omni-channel’ is just an ambition.

As channels lose their relevance, with customers interacting with brands at different touchpoints (store, mobile, social), e-commerce directors of today are best prepared to effectively run entire retail operations, more so that store directors who haven’t the years of digital understanding.

Marketing, technology, content and customer services are the current domains of e-commerce directors. Logistics was said to be the next department which e-commerce directors will control.

Control and influence came up a lot during the conversation. In order to be truly effective e-commerce directors need control over areas such as logistics and in-store operations. At present, within most businesses, they have influence – which is very different to control.

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