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Mastering modern content: Podcasts, Live Shopping, Micro Influencers, Video

This event took place on Tuesday 17th May 2022 in Central London.

Retail leaders came together for a candid discussion on the value of content to customer acquisition and retention strategy. Our expert guests were on hand to share how brands can utilise podcasts, livestreaming events, social first video and influencer generated content.


We started the group discussion by sharing experiences and results from existing approaches to content creation before delving into branded podcasts, social video, live streaming and micro-influencer content.

Podcasts and live shopping might not be new concepts but they’re relatively untapped by consumer brands, particularly those that focus on e-commerce customer acquisition over brand awareness.

These channels inherently command a lengthier engagement time with consumers than other digital means. Done right, they could play a huge role in acquisition and retention strategies.

The value of influencers is a touchy subject for many and too huge a topic to cover in one session. That’s why we concentrated on the new rules of getting (affordable) micro-influencers to create content that brands can repurpose across various channels.

In a world where scrolling rules on social media creating ‘thumb stopping content’ is the name of the attention grabbing game – key when producing branded video with social in mind.

We talked about conceptualising ideas for social video and making the most of filming sessions.