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Selling through brand stories

Brands often play on their history and values to evoke an emotional connection with customers. Here are some of the views shared around the table.

Jo Malone, Net A Porter, Rapha and Glossier were named as retailers and brands with strong stories. Glossier, a brand derived from a blog, was noted for keeping its brand consistent from product to packaging.

It was said that many of the best brand stories are derived from the founder and their conception of the business. However, although core values must remain, all brands have to move on from ‘the founder as the story’, with Levi’s mentioned as a brand which has constantly created new brand stories whilst respecting its beginnings.

A premium high street brand mentioned a new range they had released with a slightly higher price point – the collection was pitched as premium. The range was discontinued as having an upper collection implied its core collection wasn’t of premium quality, and quality is intrinsic to its brand story.

Britishness is often played upon by premium and luxury brands as part of their story. This is sometimes confused with ‘made in Britain’, when actually the customer – local and global – is more interested in the quality that comes with British luxury than where it is made.

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