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Untapped International Markets


Reaching suburban Chinese customers – James Campbell, Tong
Are brands losing out by not specifically targeting suburban Chinese customers? James Campbell, co-founder of Tong Digital, willinto¬† be sharing statistics on the opportunity that lies outside of China’s main cities. James shared insight the cultural differences between the country’s urban and suburban shopper, and provide tips for reaching the latter.

Treating the long tail as one market – Neil Kuschel, Global-e
It’s natural for brands to focus marketing efforts on the top 10 countries driving sales, but Neil Kuschel, CEO Europe of Global-e, will explain why brands are losing out by not working specifically to target the long tail. When viewed as a collective the countries outside of a brand’s top 10 could comprise the largest driver of new revenue. Neil presented examples of strategies brands have put in place to drive sales from long tail markets.

Customer delivery expectations in growth markets – Jo Searle & Jordan Walters, APG Ecommerce
Understanding local logistics and delivery requirements is a must when pushing for sales in new markets. Jo Searle and Jordan Walters from APG Ecommerce, talked of shopping and delivery expectations in three countries/regions where UK brands are seeing an increase in sales: Israel, Australia and the Middle East.