Meetings between direct-to-consumer retail brand founders


If you’re a founder of a direct-to-consumer brand take part in our meetings to connect with brand creators like you.

Get their perspective on your strategy, learn what challenges they’re facing and be a sounding board to their future plans.

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Talk to other DTC founders about managing investors, scaling, hiring, international expansion, cashflow, retail partners, choosing suppliers, exit planning or whatever else is on your mind.

“After taking part in an Upper Clash chat Leon and one of his partners introduced me to someone who would later end up joining our board as a non-executive director. I’m very much looking forward to networking at future events.”

St.John Pearce-Burke
Founder and MD

By Leon Bailey-Green, Director of UPPER CLASH

Join our meetings to get feedback on your strategy, and answers to questions, from a peer group of non-competitive retail brand founders – all in a confidential environment.

Find out what’s worked for them, how they’re scaling and give them advice based on your experience.

Understand what’s going on in the wider market directly from the people influencing it, and welcome them into the network of contacts that help you as you grow your brand.

As I get to know you and your business I can also introduce you to advisors, investors or consultants in my wider network.

Use the form below to express your interest in joining. We’re running both online and in-person meetings.

I’ve been facilitating connections between senior level retail executives for ten years.

You might already belong to groups with founders from different sectors, but the UPPER CLASH Founders group is exclusively for those that can resonate with starting and scaling a consumer retail brand.

Whether you sell exclusively direct-to-consumer, or through a mixture of retail partners, marketplaces and e-commerce, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

“Leon introduced me to one of our now investors and board members which I’m very grateful for. I hadn’t heard of Upper Clash when he approached me to join one of the online discussions but it has definitely been worth getting involved!”

Natanel Bigger, Founder & CEO, Monpure London

“It was a pleasure taking part in the Upper Clash session. It’s good to take time out to speak to other directors. I look forward to joining again.”

Abi Weeds, Managing Director, Odylique

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Meetings take place online and in-person.

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These meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule.