Meetings between luxury commerce directors


If you lead e-commerce, marketing, logistics or general management of a premium or luxury retail business take part in our meetings to connect with your peers.

Get their perspective on your strategy, be a sounding board to their future plans and discuss industry developments in luxury commerce.

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Talk to other leaders with luxury experience about how to manage customer retention, distribution channels, trading internationally, emerging business models, delivery propositions and much more.

“Online chats can be a bit dry but Leon really created a good way to converse industry topics. I will take part in the future.”

Nick Fox
Head of Logistics

By Leon Bailey-Green, Director of UPPER CLASH

Join our meetings to catch up with peers from premium and luxury brands, retailers and marketplaces in a confidential environment.

Ask them to feedback on ideas you have for your business and get their take on developments in luxury commerce.

Find out what luxury customer trends they’re noticing and pass on knowledge based on what you’re experiencing.

Understand what’s going on in the wider market, when it comes to digital luxury, from other director level leaders across e-commerce, marketing and logistics.

Sometimes you need outside perspective from people that understand your challenges – this group is your sounding board to get exactly that.

By taking part you’ll be connecting with a regular group of contacts that you can trust for advice, support and insight.

Use the form below to express your interest in joining. We’re running online meetings, with in-person meetings later in the year.

I’ve been facilitating connections between senior level retail executives for ten years.

I want to make it easy for you to get introduced to, and regularly converse with, luxury professionals, to give you wider knowledge of what’s happening in the e-commerce space for premium brands.

“Upper Clash conversations are really inclusive. You meet great people and it’s a very supportive network to be part of. Talks are wide ranging and honest – opinions can be freely expressed and debated. I look forward to more.”

Melissa Bisset, Marketing Director, Johnstons of Elgin

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Meetings take place online. In-person meetings will take place later this year.

If accepted you will receive invitations to sessions.

These meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule.