Founders Meeting

Tuesday 20th April

The Chatham House Rule applies.

See the Founders page for more information and check out these Testimonials.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 20th April 2021 we will be hosting a private meeting between direct-to-consumer retail brand founders.

This meeting will take place online. (The next in-person meeting is scheduled for July 2021.)

Participants will have an opportunity to solicit advice, opinions or insight, related to running a consumer brand, from other founders.

In advance of the meeting, we will liaise with you to discuss what you might ask other founders during the session.

The meeting will be curated to ensure participant founders represent non-competing businesses.

Request an invitation or more information

Our Founders group is only open to founding directors of retail product consumer brands. If we’re unable to include you in this session we will keep you informed of future meetings.