DTC Founders Meeting


This private meeting has taken place.

The Chatham House Rule applies.


At this meeting founders of consumer retail brands will discuss the reasoning behind their direct-to-consumer vs retailer partner strategy, and share thoughts on the value derived from investing in PR campaigns.

Balancing routes to market: Direct-to-consumer E-Commerce VS Retail Partners

Find out from other founders why they’re hyper focused on growing sales through their own direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel, and hear from others whose priority it is to get their brand stocked by supermarkets and multi-brand retailers.

We will be joined by founders with products in major and independent retailers, as well as those who have honed driving sales through e-commerce.

Getting value from PR: In-house, agency or freelancer?

Justifying PR spend can be difficult when other forms of marketing can better demonstrate a return on investment. Nevertheless, every founder has to explore a PR strategy for their brand.

Talk to other founders about your experiences with PR – whether you’ve used an agency, hired someone in-house, taken on a freelancer or done it yourself.

Find out from other founders what value they’ve had from PR campaigns be it a spike in sales, attention from investors or credibility with consumers.