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Direct Response Done Right: TV, Magazines




This session took place on Tuesday 21st March 2023.


Add dynamism to your growth with channels that are so traditional they’re modern. TV and magazine advertising can boost awareness of your brand, make your online spend more effective but most importantly drive e-commerce traffic that converts.

Maybe you’ve reached a plateau with digital marketing channels, and need to start exploring new acquisition tactics, or want to understand the cost of offline marketing for future reference, either way, this online session is for you.

Direct response adverts are sales driven. They are designed to get customers to take an action – be that buying something online, downloading an app or registering for a service.

Take some time out to learn how these channels might work for your brand alongside digital campaigns whilst connecting with fellow founders and marketing leaders.

Whether you’re selling premium skincare, high-end fashion, luxury furniture, electronics or appliances, there’s a publication with an audience ready to buy what you have to sell.

Find out which magazines, newspapers and TV channels work best for different product categories, the typical costs of campaigns and how to measure results.

Print publications still provide a powerful opportunity for brands to reach their target demographics in a surprisingly budget friendly way, and direct response TV ads have catapulted beauty, electronics and home accessory brands into household names.



“Thanks for hosting today, found it very interesting and think it’s definitely something we’d look at doing in the future.”

“Thanks for another insightful session. Look forward to the next one.”

“So great to hear everyone speak today. Looking forward to next week’s session.”