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Our events bring founders and directors of consumer retail brands together with a curated set of expert guests from agencies, solution providers and consultants relevant to each topic. Find out what some of them have to say about our recent events.

Alternatives to raising venture capital investment


“What was really interesting about the event was covering aspects of finance that I hadn’t really explored before.”

“It was good to hear what everybody had to say. It helped us in terms of thinking about how we want to continue raising investment going forward.”

“It’s very much a roundtable experience. It gets more into the detail compared to a bigger environment where you have a speaker talking at you.”

“Leon really thinks about who is at the event and guides the discussion to make sure you get the most out of it. I also go to connect with other business owners facing the same pain points as I am.”

“The networking before and after was great, and people wanted to stay longer!”

Driving sales, retention and brand awareness through offline channels


“As a solo founder I don’t have a big team around me all the time. It’s nice to talk to like-minded people doing the same thing.”

“It felt like a safe space to hear about how these traditional [offline] channels have evolved. The more knowledge that all marketers can gain about the total channel mix the better.”

“I’ve connected most of the experts from the event. It would have taken me much longer to dig out those companies and do the due diligence on them. It was like a download in one session.”

“Upper Clash events are carefully curated, they feel like Leon is inviting his contacts and friends. It’s the intimacy and relevance that I like about Upper Clash.”

“This mixture of speakers plus roundtable but everyone’s involved it great!”

Shifting customer acquisition away from digital channels


“I like that you brought in the right experts in offline channels to give insight on getting a return on spend. The event encouraged me to think about what offline tactics might be relevant for the business.”

“Everyone is struggling with increased digital marketing costs, it was useful to hear from other founders how they navigate these challenges.”

“Hearing from other founders about the challenges they face was in some ways reassuring.”

“Digital marketing has become so expensive so we all have to be looking at new ways to reach people.”

“There’s an intimacy about Upper Clash events. They’re quite informal however they’re informative.”