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Modern retailing: Refill Ready, Fancy Final Mile & Investor Irresistible



This event took place on Wednesday 25th January 2023.

Retail, e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brand leaders came together for an afternoon of learning and sharing. This time our attention turned to the sustainable refill space, final mile innovation and consumer brand investing.

See below for photos and information on this event’s expert speakers.


Shipping from local hubs and stores can reduce carbon impact and speed up delivery times. Rapid thirty-minute deliveries are perfect for brands selling cosmetics, food, drink and other supplies that consumers need in the moment.

For premium and luxury fashion brands, providing an at home try on service, whilst a concierge-come-courier waits to take away any returns, is the epitome of modernising that final mile delivery experience.

We heard from entrepreneurs behind platforms giving brands, big and small, the opportunity to offer modern final mile experiences.


Over the last few years we’ve seen the emergence of brands looking to help consumers eliminate single use plastic from the kitchen and bathroom.

Brands selling skincare, beauty, personal care and cleaning products ought to take note of the popularisation of refill.

We discussed the rise of the category and heard about a solution for brands wanting to offer refill to customers.


The way consumer VCs evaluate brands is as ever changing as the retail market in which they operate.

What really makes a brand an irresistible investment opportunity in today’s market? How are macro-economic challenges impacting funding decisions?

We heard from consumer brand VC True and media-for-equity investor ITV AdVentures.




Emily Bullman, Investor, True

Emily is an early-stage consumer investor at True, focused especially on beauty, fashion and sustainability. She works closely with brands including Haeckels, Shellworks, Fable, Planera and Bedfolk. Prior to joining True, Emily worked in mid-market PE and leveraged finance debt at HSBC.


Liam Young, Founder, Harper Concierge

Liam is the founder of Harper, a retail technology startup that help retailers to deliver the in-store experience to online customers. They do this by leveraging their network of Style Concierges who act like mobile sales associates for Harper’s brands partners. Clients include Selfridges, Salvatore Ferragamo, Me + Em and Victoria Beckham.  The business has raised £3m in funding from high profile investors including former executives of, Jimmy Choo, LVMH and Farfetch.


Brandon Neman, Co-founder, Bodo

Brandon is the co-founder of Bodo, a technology and real estate network that allows brands to offer same-day or 30-minute delivery, pick-up and new sales channels. Clients include TRIP, Nails Inc, Suri and Lucky Saint.


Benjamin Proctor, Director, On Repeat

Ben is one of the founders of On Repeat, a packaging and fulfilment business helping beauty brands transition to compostable refills. He spent two years researching materials and speaking to industry experts to find a solution that helps reduce waste in the beauty industry.


Sheena Amin, Director, ITV AdVentures

Sheena runs ITV’s media for equity fund as Director of ITV AdVentures. She began her career as a venture capitalist at Summit Partners and has gone on to hold senior positions at Virgin Media, Dixons Carphone, UKTV and BBC Studios. Sheena understands the challenges of launching and growing a business having founded and run a successful start-up of her own. She is a passionate ambassador for entrepreneurship having served as a Board Trustee of Young Enterprise for 8 years.