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Selling in the right places: DTC, Marketplaces, Retail, International

This event took place on Tuesday 14th June 2022 in Central London.

Retail leaders came together for a conversation on channel strategy experiences and the changing pros and cons of various routes to market – direct to consumer, marketplaces, retail and international.


From selling direct-to-consumer, working with major and independent retail partners to listing on Amazon and expanding internationally through marketplaces, we brought brand leaders together to debate the commercial benefits – and pitfalls – of the various channels they’ve adopted.

A group of experts responsible for taking brands into retail and onto marketplaces, both at home and globally, joined the conversation.

Leaders shared how they want their direct-to-consumer vs retail partner sales to be balanced, and the reasons why.

Opinions were shared on the pros and cons of Amazon, and other marketplaces, as well as the efforts required to manage them.

We heard about two low cost (and low risk) routes to getting wholesale and consumer interest in China, as well as tackling the commercial realities of listing on international marketplaces. Initial investments, local stock allocation, ongoing marketing costs and returns all have to be considered.

The group got advice on how to get in front of busy buyers and what makes buyers reach for brands. We also discussed how buyer platforms are getting wholesale orders for brands, and why physical independent retailers shouldn’t be discounted.